Gifting Membership

Re: Give gift memberships now—Time is running out!
Dear Sociology of Human Rights Section Members,
The last day to give gift memberships to the Sociology of Human Rights section is July 31. This is an inexpensive way to support graduate students or junior colleagues interested in human rights, but low on cash. It also helps the section—if every current faculty member of the section gave just one gift membership, we would be well over the threshold to have an additional Human Rights panel at the 2019 ASA.
It’s easy to give gift memberships. Log in to the ASA website. Follow the link for gifting section memberships under Contribute/Give. The instructions are straightforward. (You can also gift regular ASA memberships to students who do not already belong to the organization).
Each student or colleague will get an email letting them know they’ve been signed up, and allowing them the opportunity to opt out.
Please act now to keep our vibrant section growing!
Yours truly,
Liz Boyle
Chair, Sociology of Human Rights Membership Committee

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