Annual Meeting

More information coming soon.

Sessions for 2017:

Section sessions: Human Rights and Law from Above and Below: Comparative Perspectives

Part 1 (invited with David Frank, University of California at Irvine; Hassan Abdel Salam, Dartmouth College; Elizabeth Heger Boyle, University of Minnesota, Monika Krause, Goldsmiths, University of London; and as discussant: Christopher Roberts, University of Minnesota)

Part 2 (open submission, Frank Munger, New York Law School, Organizer <>)

Description: Two paired sessions, co-sponsored by the sections on the Sociology of Law and Human Rights. Papers in these sessions will explore the relationship between law and human rights. Questions include: how do legal guarantees secure human rights, and how do they fail to do so? How do human rights guarantees generate (or not) mobilization of law?  How do human rights shape legal consciousness, and how does legal consciousness shape human rights? Papers will address these issues from a comparative perspective, across social groups, regional and national contexts. Law established by states and international actors, as well as legal mobilization from below and legal consciousness will be addressed.

Roundtables on the Sociology of Human Rights: Lynette Chua, University of Singapur, Organizer <>

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  1. The preliminary schedule is now available at the ASA webpage. Please note early registration deadlines, if you have not already registered:


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