Human Rights Section Newsletter

The American Sociological Association Human Rights Section is pleased to announce Dr. Hollie Nyseth Brehm and Dr. Annie Isabel Fukushima are stepping into the role as co-editors for the section newsletter. Each newsletter will have a thematic focus. The co-editors invite our members and community to submit write-ups that reflect research, research notes, teaching notes, and grassroots notes, that contribute to the theory and/or practice surrounding human rights. The newsletter will also feature announcements and publications related to the field of human rights.

Contribution/Submission types

The co-editors invite members of our community to submit short pieces that broadly align with the following forms of contributions:

Feature Articles: Articles that highlight research, teaching, or engagement relevant to human rights. Each newsletter will have one Feature Article.

Research Notes: Brief reflections on research studies related to human rights. Notes could focus on the methodology, the findings, the dissemination of findings, etc.

Teaching Notes: Brief reflections on teaching about human rights in undergraduate or graduate classrooms. Tips and classroom activities are especially welcome.

Grassroots Notes: Reflections, stories, and advice pertaining to engagement with local organizations, policymakers, and/or grassroots activists.

Publications & Announcements: Recently published a book, article, or paper that the human rights section members should read? Have news or an opportunity that you would like to share with the human rights community?  Submit it to the co-editors.


The Spring 2018 issue deadline is January 1, 2018.

How to submit:

We accept 800 – 1,000 word submissions formatted in American Sociological Association style. Resources for the style guide may be found here: To submit, attention to the newsletter co-editors: Dr. Hollie Nyseth Brehm ( and Dr. Annie Isabel Fukushima (

Current Newsletter:

Fall 2017- Human Rights Section Fall 2017 Newsletter

Previous Newsletters:

Winter 2014 – ASA Human Rights Quarterly Newsletter – Winter 2014

Spring 2015 –ASA Human Rights Quarterly Newsletter – Spring 2015

Spring 2016 – ASA Human Rights Section Newsletter Spring 2016

Summer 2016 –  ASA Human Rights Section Newsletter Summer 2016

Spring 2017 –  humanrightssection_asa_spring2017newsletter

Summer 2017 –


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